‘Sunday Funday’, a Social Influencing Female Empowered Mississippi Millennial, matched with Kiko Bernstein, an Evolving Liberal Stoner Hippie and Real Estate Agent from Boulder, Colorado in their new home city of Nashville.  Let’s sprinkle in a little wine, weed, mounting debt and the pressure to get on the fast track to the finer things in life...Marriage.


Dr. Barry Rabinowitz

     After multiple failed marriages, tumultuous relationships, and poor life decisions leading to terribly expensive consequences and heartache, Dr. Barry Rabinowitz  is making it his life mission to make sure others don’t make the same mistakes.  Dr. Barry has developed ‘Tools for Life’ therapy.  He provides group therapy sessions to those seeking his counsel.


Sunday Funday

     Sunday Funday is a Female Empowered Mississippi  Millennial seeking love, life, and happiness while building her Sunday Funday brand to sell more real estate in a world making it too hard to live due to rising inflation.  She swipes right and meets her potential soulmate KikoB.

Kiko Bernstein

     Kiko Bernstein is a jammy stoner hippy from Boulder, Colorado searching for love, joy and less anxiety.   He is growing his business of Cannabis-infused treats like brownies, edibles, and BBQ sauce.   He swipes right and meets his potential soulmate Sunday Funday.