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Jill Pavel

Press & Media

With the growth of  Nashville and the entire Southeast region of the country, there is an influx of new talent, producers and writers coming from the coasts. These talented people have deep wells of intellectual property ripe for development and distribution but are lacking the necessary development experts, salesforce and access to the marketplace.  

Where does it city begin? 

  • Build management team consisting of seasoned professionals covering a range of expertise in the areas of: a) Development & Production b) Talent and Project Management c) Sales & Distribution. d) Branded Content and Sponsor Sales

  • Secure rights for a slate of film, TV and digital properties that have market viability.

  • Identify talent without current representation who would compliment in-house content in development.

  • Identify and partner with entertainment company, investor or agency to allow for the development of sales materials, proof of concept videos and other expenses. This partnership could be an overall investment deal or be a finance vehicle for individual projects.   

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